Page 14 - rulebook 2020
P. 14

                        Section 4. Playing the Game

    These  are  the  basic  playing  rules  adapted  by  USFA.  We  will  not
    mention the very basics, which are universal.

       4-1:   The plate is considered fair territory. A hit ball that hits the plate
              and remains fair or rests on the plate is considered a fair ball.

       4-2:   The strike zone is when a pitched ball crosses any part of the
              plate in width and crosses anywhere from the batter’s knees to
              her solar plex.

       4-3:   The game will be seven innings, unless a run rule comes into
              effect or the game has been established in advance with a time

       4-4:   The run rule will be 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4
              innings, and 8 runs after 5 innings.

       4-5:   Tie game after 7 innings or expired game time limit:

                   1.  Some leagues will play extra innings until a winner is
                   2.  Tournaments will use International Tiebreaker. (The
                      last completed at bat in the previous inning becomes a
                      base runner at second base. Play until a winner is
                   3.  Some tournament formats will leave games in a tie due
                      to scheduling restraints and maintaining a daily
                      tournament schedule.

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