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Section 1. The Playing Field

                               Pitching          Base          Fence
               Age Group
                               Distance       Distance        Distance

                   6u           30/35 ft       55/60 ft      120-200 ft

               8u,9u,10u          35 ft          60 ft       150-225 ft
                11u,12u           40 ft          60 ft       180-225 ft

              14u,16u,18u,        43 ft          60 ft       200-225 ft

      1-1:    There will be a 16 foot diameter circle drawn evenly around the
              pitching rubber.

      1-2:    The  batter’s  box  will  be  to  the  left  and  to  the  right  of  the
              plate. They will be 3 feet wide and 7 feet long. Four feet toward
              the pitching rubber from the center of the plate.

      1-3:    Base  lines  will  extend  out  3  feet  on  both  sides  of  the  base
              parallel to the centerline (total of 6 feet wide).

      1-4:    Coaching boxes and on deck batter’s boxes are recommended.

                            Section 2. Equipment

       This is the equipment to be used while playing in official United States

       Fastpitch Association events. As a rule, equipment must be standard
       approved equipment that is properly marked with “Official Softball”

       or  similar  markings  that  certify  the  equipment.  All  official  safety
       equipment must be used and properly marked as certified.

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