Page 11 - rulebook 2020
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Five  Minute  Rule  /  Stalling: Umpire  has  a  right  to  end  a
               conference early if the umpire determines a team is trying to
               stall a game. This call will not be questioned or appealed by a
               coach. Also, any stoppage of play within the last 5 minutes of a
               timed game will result in the game clock being suspended until
               play resumes.

       3-8:    Leap, Crowhop or Replant: A “Leap” is defined as an act
               by the pitcher which causes the pitcher to be airborne on the
               initial  move  and  move  from  the  pitcher’s  plate.  “Pushing
               off  and dragging the pivot foot in contact with the ground is
               required. If a hole has been created, the pivot foot may drag no
               higher than the level plane of the ground.” A “Crow Hop” is
               defined as the act of a pitcher who steps, hops, or drags off the
               front of the pitcher’s plate, replants the pivot foot, establishing
               a second starting point, pushes off from the newly established
               point and completes the delivery.

      3-9:     Dead Ball: When the ball is not in play. Umpire will declare,
               “Dead ball”.

      3-10:    Fake  Tag: An  act  by  a  defensive  player  that  simulates  an
               attempt  to  tag  a  runner.  Faking  a  tag  is  always  considered

      3-11:    Foul Tip: A foul  tip  is  a  batted  ball  that  goes  sharply  and
               directly from the bat to the catcher’s mitt or hand and is legally
               caught by the catcher. It is a strike and remains a live ball.

      3-12:    Obstruction (Defense): Obstruction is the act of the defensive
               team member that hinders or impedes a batter’s attempt to make
               contact with a pitched ball or that impedes the progress of a
               runner or batter runner who is legally running bases, unless the

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