Page 15 - rulebook 2020
P. 15

4-6:     Determining home team:
                   1.  Leagues may predetermine this on a schedule or use
                      coin toss.
                   2.  Tournaments will use coin toss before the start of the

              When the ball is “dead”:
                   1.   When “no pitch” is called by the umpire.
                   2.  When a fly ball in foul territory is not caught.
                   3.  Offensive interference.
                   4.  When the batter or base runner is hit by the batted
                      ball before the ball is touched by a fielder.
                   5.  When the umpire calls “time”.

      4-8:    When the ball is “live”:
                      Any batted fair ball.
                      Any fair ball that is in the playable field of play.
                      Any and all times before an umpire calls “time”.
                      When an umpire is hit by a thrown ball or batted ball.
                      When a base coach is accidentally hit by a thrown ball.

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