Page 13 - rulebook 2020
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3-18:   Three  Foot  Running  Lane: The  three  foot  running  lane  is
              a  space  defined  by  a  line  drawn  3  feet  from  and  parallel  to
              the  first  base  foul  line  starting  halfway  between  home  and
              first  base  and  extending  to  first  base  in  foul  territory.  In  all
              situations when the batter-runner is entitled to run (i.e., a batted
              ball, a base on balls or a dropped third strike), she must use the
              threefoot  running  lane.  An  award  of  first  base  on  a
              base  on  balls  does  not  negate  the  requirement  to  use  the
              Three  foot  running  lane.  The  batterrunner  is  out  if  she  runs
              outside the three foot lane and, in the judgment of the umpire
              interferes with the fielder taking the throw at first base (there
              must be a throw); however, the batter­runner may run outside the
              three  foot  lane  to  avoid  a  fielder  attempting  to  field  a
              batted ball. A runner is considered outside the running lane if
              either foot is completely outside the lane and in contact with
              the ground. Players must understand that once they reach the
              running lane they should run completely inside it.

      3-19    SLASH: To show Bunt, then pull Back at the last moment and
              take a full swing.  This is illegal in 8u

      3-20    SLAP:  A SLAP HIT is a batted ball (often incorrectly called a
              bunt) that has been struck in a short, chopping motion, rather
              than a full swing.
              The two most common types of a SLAP HIT are:
              1.  Those in which a batter takes her stance as if to bunt, but
              then either drives the ball into the ground with a quick, short
              swing or punches it over the infield.
              2.  Those in which a batter takes RUNNING STEPS toward
              the pitcher, before making contact with the ball.

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