Page 10 - rulebook 2020
P. 10

      3-3:     Base Path: The traditional path traveled by a runner who is
               attempting to advance to the next base. It is defined by a di
               rect line between two bases and three feet on either side of that
               line, unless a fielder has the ball in her possession and she is
               within three feet of the runner and prepared to apply a tag. A base
               runner who attempts to avoid a tag by running more than three
               feet to either side of a fielder with the ball in her possession
               shall be declared out. NOTE: A runner establishes her own base
               path when she is not being played upon.

      3-4:     Base  Runner: The  batterrunner  is  a  player  who  has
               finished their time at bat and has left the batter’s box (both feet
               touching completely outside the box) but has not yet been put
               out or reached first base.

      3-5:     Bunt, Attempted  Bunt  or Drag  Bunt: A bunt  is  a  legally
               batted ball not swung at but intentionally tapped with the bat.
               Attempted  Bunt:  Any  non-swinging  movement  of  the  bat
               intended to tap the ball into play. Holding the bat in the strike
               zone is considered a bunt attempt. In order to take a pitch, the
               bat must be withdrawn – pulled backward and away from the
               ball. Drag Bunt: A drag bunt is attempting to bunt the ball by
               running forward in the batter’s box, carrying the bat with her.
               The  movement  of  the  bat  is  in  conjunction  with  the  batter’s
               forward movement

      3-6:     Conference: Anytime  a  head  coach  gets  permission  to
               suspend  play  to  talk  to  the  players.  Only  1  offensive  or
               defensive  conference  allowed  per  half  inning  without
               penalty. On the second defensive conference, the pitcher must be
               replaced.  Replaced pitcher cannot  return to pitch in the same
               inning that she was replaced. The new pitcher must pitch to at
               least one batter.

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