Page 8 - rulebook 2020
P. 8

      2-1:   All  bats  must  be  unaltered  official  softball  bats. The  umpire
             will check all bats prior to the game. Any illegal bats will be
             removed  from  the  dugout  prior  to  the  game.  All  bats  must
             be  stamped  with  BPF  1.20  or  less  OR  a  current  ASA  stamp
             and  NOT  be  on  the  ASA  NON-APPROVED  bat  list.  The
             governing  body  of  softball  maintains  a  list  of  illegal  bats  and
             USFA will  enforce  this.  Use  of  illegal  bat  will  result  in  an
             automatic  out  and  ejection  of  player  using  the  bat.

     2-2:    A  USFA  stamped  game  ball  or  the  equivalent  must
             be  used  in  all  USFA  sanctioned  events.  All  12U-18U
             division balls must be 12” in diameter with .47 C.O.R. and .375
             compression. 6U-10U must use 11”diameter with .47 C.O.R.
             and .375 compression.  Color and stitching are optional, as long
             as all the balls are the same in color for any one game.

     2-3:    All batting helmets and catching gear must be approved and
             in original condition. (Numbers and personalized designs are
             okay). Skull Caps are not authorized for Catchers and Batters.

     2-4:    Shoes  and  socks  must  be  worn  and  plastic  cleats  are
             recommended. Metal cleats are allowed for 14U-18U and High
             School divisions.

     2-5:    Hats and visors are permissible. They are optional between each
             individual player. Must be properly worn by Players and Coaches.

     2-6:    Uniforms  should  be  similar  in  appearance.  Numbers  should
             be worn on uniforms with no 2 players on a team having the
             same  number.  In  situations  where  2  players  have  the  same
             number, the lineup sheet should state a difference between the two
             players. Example: #12 red jersey, #12 black jersey.

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