Page 9 - rulebook 2020
P. 9

2-7:    All  Helmets  must  have  NOCSAE  approved  face  guards.
              Defensive  face  guards  are  recommended  and  endorsed  by

      2-8:    Jewelry: Players  are  permitted  to  wear  certain  jewelry
              items,  such  as  a  Medical  alert  necklace  and  or  a  Medical
              Alert  bracelet.  As  a  rule,  items  of  jewelry  worn  on  the
              finger  is  deemed  as  hazardous.    Exposed  jewelry  that  is
              judged  to  be  hazardous  to  the  well  being  of  the  player,  or
              unsafe,  in  the  judgement  of  the  Umpire,  is  not  permitted
              to  be  worn  by  the  participating  player  during  the  game.

      2-9:    Noncompliance  of  equipment  rules  will  lead  to  offending
              coach being ejected from the game.

                            Section 3. Definitions

      3-1:    Altered  Bat/Balls: When  the  physical  structure  of  a  legal
              softball bat or softball has been changed.

              Participation  with  or  Encouraging  the  use  of  Altered
              Bat/Ball: Any player who participates with, or any adult who
              encourages  the  use  of  an  altered  bat  or  ball  shall  be
              suspended  immediately  from  the  event  discovery  is  made.
              Said player, coach and player’s parents may also be suspended
              indefinitely from all USFA activities and could be subject to
              Child Endangerment Criminal and Civil Charges.

      3-2:    Appeal: A play or rule violation on which the umpire does not
              make a ruling until requested by a coach or player.

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