Page 12 - rulebook 2020
P. 12

              fielder is in possession of the ball or is making the initial play
              on a batted ball. The act may be intentional or unintentional,
              physical or verbal.

      3-13:   Hit By Pitch: When the pitched ball hits the batter and the
              batter is not swinging at the ball and a ball or a strike is not
              called and the pitched ball is entirely within the batter’s box and
              it strikes the batter or her clothing.  Dead ball results with the
              batter advancing to first base.  No attempt to avoid being hit by
              the pitch is required.  However, the batter may not obviously try
              to get hit by the pitch.

      3-14:   Illegal  Bats: An  illegal  bat  is  a  bat  that  does  not  meet
              acceptable specifications.

      3-15:   Infield  Fly  Rule: Infield  fly  rule  is,  when  declared  by  the
              umpire, a fair fly (not including a line drive or an attempted
              bunt) that can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort
              when  runners  are  on  first  and  second  or  all  three  bases  are
              occupied  and  with  less  than  two  outs  in  the  inning.  Any
              defensive player positioned in the infield at the time of the pitch
              shall be considered an infielder for the purposes of this rule. The
              rule does not preclude outfielders from being permitted to make
              the catch.

      3-16:   Interference: Interference  is  an  act  (physical  or  verbal)  by
              a  member  of  the  team  at  bat  who  illegally  impedes,  hinders
              or  confuses  any  fielder;  or  when  a  runner  creates  malicious
              contact with any fielder with or without the ball, in or out of the

      3-17:   Live Ball: Any and all times that the ball is in play or until the
              umpire calls “time” or “dead ball”.

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